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Kathleen Co-Owner

Kathleen was introduced and began practicing Pilates in 2003, looking for a different way to become balanced in her body.

She successfully completed her Pilates mat training in 2008 and earned her Comprehensive Equipment Certificate in 2009. With continuing education in Clinical Assessment for hip alignment & sciatic nerve release, Kathleen has the experience to give relief to clients suffering in pain.


After years of heavy cardio workout and extreme weight lifting, She woke every morning stiff and in pain. By adding Pilates to my weekly routine, her pain was reduced.


In Kathleen’s words: ‘I feel very lucky to have found a career in Pilates. I am inspired working with people and want to share my passion for Pilates to help others achieve a balanced body. Most of all, I’m fortunate to have found a place where I can combine my love of mind-body meditation with my favorite form of exercise—Pilates!!’


.......‘Pilates keeps me balanced & strong to chase after my 5 grandkids...!!!’

Nickola Co-Owner

Nickola brings 20+ years of experience to Tilted Core Pilates.  She has 3 certifications ranging from contemporary to a more classical Pilates education from Pilates Coach, Stott, and Peak Pilates. 


With her years of experience, she offers a challenging but safe workout keeping the Pilates principals at the focus.  Her purpose is core strength, mind body connection and lengthening of muscles. 


Nickola graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in fashion merchandising and interior design.  She loves to spend time with her family and she is very passionate in what she does and enjoys using her experience to help clients not only look their best but feel their best in a friendly environment with someone you will call a friend.


Michelle began dancing at the early age of 5 and has been in love with it ever since. She danced in college as a KU Crimson Girl and then moved on to teaching high school and college dance camps for a company called UDA where she traveled the world teaching dance.

She was introduced to Pilates 12 years ago and knew after her first lengthening workout on the Reformer that she wanted to learn to teach this method. She loved the combination of strength and flexibility and how it all flowed together like a dance.

“Pilates will keep you long, lean and healthy!  You find muscles you never knew you had!”

Michelle was trained by PEAK Pilates and brings over 10 years of instruction to TC Pilates.

She teaches a class that combines the classical flow with modern moves that will continue to challenge you every time you attend.

“I love to work a muscle until it hits that pilates shake and then hold a relaxing stretch to lengthen the muscle back out.  You should leave a pilates class feeling better than when you came in.”

Michelle cares deeply about each and every one of her clients and loves the friendships that her career has developed.

“When you find something you love doing with people you love doing it with, you will come back.  Consistency is the key.”

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